2021 Food Drive – A message from Chris Baine, Food Drive Chair

Volunteer group

Making an Impact:  

Once again, the people of Lost Tree have responded in an impressive way! When we told you that the PBC Food Bank’s needs were greater than ever, you stepped up to help! A record number of volunteers helped us collect a record amount of food and financial contributions.

As you know, the Lost Tree Foundation was one of the key drivers and financial contributors towards the founding of the Food Bank in 2012. The Food Bank has remained one of the top beneficiaries of the Foundation’s support. Most recently, the Foundation made a grant to underwrite the building out of the Food Bank’s new warehouse. It is only fitting that your donations coincided with the opening of the new facility.

On behalf of the Foundation and the Food Drive Committee, I’d like to thank all of you who responded so enthusiastically to this year’s Drive. You make Lost Tree such a special place to live.

Together, we make a difference.

Thank you!

Chris Baine, Food Drive Chair