Ann and Nick Young Matching Gift

Ann and Nick Young

Ann and Nick Young have lived in Lost Tree Village for over a decade. They have supported the Foundation financially and as site visitors, evaluating and recommending local nonprofit applicants for funding. In early January this year, the Youngs presented the Lost Tree Foundation with a generous matching gift of $50,000 to help build community engagement and further deepen the impact of the Foundation’s work.

The goal of the match challenge is to encourage residents who have never given to the Foundation before (or those who have not given for the past five years) to take advantage of this special opportunity to connect/reconnect. The matching gift allows those eligible to double the impact of their dollars and proudly add their names to the Foundation’s ever-growing family of supporters.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a dramatic local impact, this matching gift represents a wonderful chance for Lost Tree residents to make a real difference where it’s needed most.

We spoke with the Youngs about the inspiration behind their gift.

What connected you to the Lost Tree Foundation?

Ever since we started doing site visits with the Foundation about a decade ago, Nick and I have been inspired by the work of local nonprofits and how much they do in service of our neighboring communities. They devote their lives to this work and it is humbling. We are constantly surprised by just how much they do; even the very small agencies often achieve great things with their grants. We love being a contributing part of that whole process.

What is your particular area of interest in philanthropy?

For us, it is helping children. Ensuring they have a solid foundation for a better life is key. It is so wonderful when you hear that children and young people who have benefitted from our funded projects come back to work and serve in their communities when they’re older. We are also strong proponents of programs that help people enter or reenter the workforce, and those that serve the elderly. Lost Tree Foundation helps these groups in all four areas of its funding: homelessness, health, hunger, and education.

Why do you choose to keep supporting the Foundation?

The Foundation is so thorough and professionally run. We especially enjoy how it gives residents a real voice in who and what we choose to fund. The best way to experience a personal connection with your financial gift is to attend a site visit to one of our grantee’s premises. Even if you can’t commit to being a dedicated site visitor, you are welcome to join an existing team and enjoy a one-off site visit to see how the process works and learn more about a local agency that is doing great work right in our own back yard.

What do site visits mean to you?

It is a way to give beyond simply writing a check. We have an incredible depth of knowledge and expertise among Lost Tree residents and our site visitors are often able to offer advice on growth, leadership, and fundraising during their visits. It’s a two-way street. We truly are partners in our grantees’ success and we have the opportunity to be touched and amazed by all they are doing. By giving just an hour and a half of your time, you get to experience worthy philanthropy happening in Palm Beach County firsthand. We would be very surprised if you are not touched, amazed, and inspired by the experience.

What inspired your matching gift this year?

For us, a matching gift is exciting because it offers the opportunity to really amplify our giving. It has always appealed to us to know that what we are giving is being matched to make an even greater impact in people’s lives. If it encourages new residents and those who have been giving elsewhere to think about supporting the Foundation, it is an excellent way to leverage our funds.