Clinics Can Help – John Goodwin

Clinics Can Help – John Goodwin
Making an Impact:  A note from John Goodwin, Team Captain

A few weeks ago Elise Redmond, Maggie Squires, John Pew and I visited Clinics Can Help (CCH), an organization providing donated medical equipment to those who could not otherwise afford it. The agency’s mission is simple and, yet, it has an incredible impact on everyone it serves.

CCH was founded and still run by Owen O’Neill, a former hospice nurse who saw the need and realized the potential impact it could have. Shortly after commencing operations in 2009, the Lost Tree Foundation provided one of the first grants to CCH, enabling them to secure computers, buy a cargo van to pick up donated equipment and purchase a machine to clean what they received. 

Since then, we’ve granted more than $650,000 to CCH, including a Legacy Grant in 2015 to help them purchase their own building. When we first visited CCH several years ago, they were bursting at the seams in an old garage. Each day they would have to move the donated items outside to be able to work in the garage. Now they have a new, up-to-date, well-organized building that serves almost 2,500 clients each year.  

This year they are completing the location’s outside space, with much needed parking, landscaping and better lighting. Our most recent grant this year is for a fence to surround the property which will give staff, donors and clients a better feeling of security. 

Our contributions to CCH have been instrumental in facilitating their growth and sustainability, and it is gratifying to know we have made the difference for them. It’s wonderful to be able to watch the progression and growth of this much-needed agency through the grants from the Lost Tree Foundation! 

This organization is one-of-a-kind and is now serving as a model for efforts across the country.  Your support makes efforts such as this possible.

With gratitude,

John Goodwin, Team Captain

Grants Committee