Health Grant Spotlight: Caridad Center

Health Grant Spotlight-Caridad Center
Legacy Society Grants Program Highlight: Caridad Center $400,000
To renovate the medical clinic which will increase medical services to the uninsured poor.

The mission of the Caridad Center is to upgrade the health, education and living standards of underserved children and families. Its vision is to eliminate the cycle of poverty for the families they serve.

Caridad Center was founded as the Migrant Association of South Florida in 1989 to help children of the local farms’ migrant workers with education, shoes, food, housing and clothes. In 1992 the mission expanded to include health and dental care.

In 1997 the current facility became home to a medical and dental clinic and social services. The name was changed to Caridad Center in 2005 to reflect changes in client population. Caridad serves uninsured/working poor families, primarily Hispanic and Haitian immigrants, residing in Palm Beach County.

Today, the organization maintains almost 100 partnerships with hospitals, government, schools and universities, businesses, and nonprofit agencies to provide lab work, eye glasses, radiological studies including x-ray therapy, surgeries including breast and eye, prosthetic devices, and hospital bed time – all at little or no cost.

The Medical Clinic provides comprehensive medical, dental and vision care for adults and children. Chronic disease prevention and management, breast care, mental health programs, labs, x-rays, and diagnostic testing are also provided. The dental clinic provides preventive, restorative care, and hygiene services. Caridad’s 424 volunteers – including dentists, hygienists, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, translators, and pharmacists – donate more than 21,000 hours each year to support more than 26,000 clinic visits each year.

Caridad’s patients are considered “working poor”. Even though most of the clients are employed, they do not receive healthcare benefits from their employers, and do not make enough money to afford health insurance. Without the Caridad’s medical services, they would not receive preventive care, and chronic, untreated medical problems may develop into an emergency or complications.

Recognizing the continued growing demand for its services, the Caridad Center launched an effort to renovate and expand its current facility. Funding from Lost Tree Foundation will be used to renovate the current Medical Clinic, a unique piece of the larger renovation and construction project. Our support will reconfigure 3,864 square feet of current space into a state-of-the-art Medical Clinic.