Long Time Resident & Site Visitor – Ann Kerley

Long time resident & site visitor – Ann Kerley

Making an Impact:  Ann Kerley reflects on her Foundation participation

When my husband and I first came to Lost Tree 40 years ago, we found a home not only in a resort type community but among neighbors that have become lifelong friends. 

As lucky as we felt we were to be here, we were conscious of the surrounding neighborhood, Riviera Beach in particular. No port or marina then, only very modest homes … one public and one Catholic grade school and a few churches. The evident need of the people living there was very obvious. 

Joining in the Foundation, which was founded in 1981, and then working with its efforts to help and amend conditions of people, many medically needy, became an important part of our lives. 

As you may know, the Foundation contributes directly to the fine social agencies that actually do the hands-on work. For example, Boys and Girls Club, Quantum House, Habitat for Humanity, The Lord’s Place and many others. There are a host of causes that have been able to expand their scope of assistance because of the Foundation. 

We felt fulfilled by taking part by contributing to the well-managed Foundation and then actually working with it. 

I encourage everyone who lives here to do the same. The rewards are many!