Why We Do It: Spotlight on Laura & Geoff Rehnert

Rehnerts Club photo(002)

Making an Impact:  
LTF sat down with Laura and Geoff Rehnert, to discuss their involvement with LTF.  Besides being generous supporters, Laura has served as a site visitor since arriving at Lost Tree 4 years ago.  Geoff sits on the investment committee, tasked with helping oversee the Foundation’s investment portfolio.

You rolled up your sleeves and got involved with the Foundation as soon as you got to Lost Tree 4 years ago.  What made you do that?

LAURA:  When we were going through the application process, two people were very passionate about the Foundation.  The first one was during the POA interview.  The second was one of our sponsors who educated us a bit more.  Both Geoff and I thought it was very unique and a wonderful way to give back to the neighboring communities.  The Foundation truly enlightened us about the deep needs of Palm Beach County…..with such wealth and history, I never knew how many areas of the county are in desperate need of help.  The bonus gift of getting involved with the Foundation was how much it brought me closer to the Lost Tree community, as well.   Not only are you assisting local organizations with urgent capital needs, at the same time you are broadening your own experience here at Lost Tree.  The travel to site visits enables you to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed project, and also enables you to learn more about the people you are with.  Many of these connections have been really significant. 

GEOFF – Laura captures our sentiments very well.  Additionally, Jay Twyman, who heads the Lost Tree Foundation Investment Committee board, reached out to me to see if I would get involved.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Jay and the other talented Investment Committee board members who are responsible for investing the endowment for the Foundation.

What has been the most meaningful part of your volunteer experience?

LAURA: Making a positive difference in the community around us.  We’re so fortunate to live in this amazing place with so many great people. It makes my heart swell to have a way to help others less fortunate.  We are paying it forward, and I’m grateful to the Foundation for giving us that opportunity. 

GEOFF:  I agree with that.  It has also been very reassuring to see how well the Foundation is managed.  Jillian and the team do a highly professional job for us. They are paramount to the success of the Foundation.

What have you learned through working with the Foundation?

LAURA: There is immeasurable need right in our own backyard.  We’ve both been involved with so many other philanthropic causes over the years, but didn’t realize how critical the capital funding element was for the continuing success of an organization.  With a tight budget, infrastructure is often overlooked and the last thing that gets addressed.  The Foundation’s focus on capital expenditures is incredibly important. 

GEOFF:  As one of the largest philanthropic funding sources in Palm Beach County, the Foundation plays a critical role in supporting a number of the leading not for profit organizations and providing support to a community which is in dire need.  We are very fortunate to be living in Lost Tree, while just a few miles away there are communities struggling for many of the basic necessities in life.  It is gratifying to see the care and concern that our Foundation shows for our neighbors in need.